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Vladimir Akchurin


Note for this text: NPO PM - The Space Research Enterprise of Applied Mechanics

For the first time in the history of Zheleznogorsk, its citizen was honoured with a honorary status "Honoured Inventer of Russian Federation". This is Vladimir Akchurin.

This honorary status is awarded to the inventer whose inventions are used not only in the production, but they are of great state significause and make a valuable contribution to technical progress. And authors of those inventions themselves are considered successful inventers for many years.

Who Knows this inventer better than his friends and colleagues?

Here are their oppinions about Akchurin.

Y.Golovanov, a chief engeneer of NPO PM

I have already been acuianted with Akchurin for many years. I saw him for the first time when we were entering the faculty of the aircraft enjine of Kazan Aviation Institute. Then we became co-students and we had been sharing to the room of the hostel of the Institute and later after graduating the Kazan Aviation Institute we came to work to the NPO PM. We were three co-students: Akchurin, Faikov and me.

At the entrance exams Vladimir Akchurin could be distignished by military uniform among all future students. He was entering the Kazan Aviation Institute after his service in the ranks of the Army. According to the results ot the interlocation Akchurin became the first.

The diploma (the pic at the left) for a Special Gold Medal awarded to Vladimir Akchurin at the International Exibition, Geneva, Switzerland, april 2010.

I can't say that he was an excellent student during his studies at the Kazan Aviation Institute. But at the same time there were no sums for Akchurin which he could not do. In his studies he was thoughtful, he always tried to understand the theme and thoroughly examined it. Even the top students sometimes could not cope with the theme but he could.

Two groups of the heat-physicists were formed at the third course at our faculty (Kazan Aviation Institute). At that time it was a new speciality. Only the best students could cope a new speciality and Akchurin and we were. By the way Akchurin got his first sertificate of his first invention when he was a student.

After the graduation from the Kazan Aviation Institute Akchurin prefered the work not the post-graduate student ship where he was offered to study. After the graduation from the Kazan Aviation Institute in 1966 according to the distribution we three came to the NPO PM as young specialists. From that time the invention had became not only his hobby but his occupation. Vladimir Akchurin was and remains ordinary, approachable person. He is always notable for his inguisitive and analytic mind for his clearnes of purpose and presistence of his ability always to see the main point and for sure these features of his character him to create.

O.Zagar, the head of the departament ot the NPO PM

Akchurin is a chief engeneer-designer of the departament of the system of thermoregulation. He has been working here for almost 40 years. From my point of view Akchurin can be considered a top specialist in this field. He is notable for his professional skilla, for posessing great capacity for work and striking diligence, his attitude to his job and his aspiration for finding of more perfect and well thought out solutions.

Carrying out an important task in designing oh heat regulation system of space apparatus which are created in the NPO PM he managed to organize such a degree of perfection of his work as an inventer having become one of the most effective specialists of the NPO PM. Practically all his inventions have practical usage in different designings in the NPO PM. Akchurin has got more than 70 patents and copy-rights.

As an inventer Akchurin is distinguished as a person who is able to discover solutions which possess technical innovation, an inventer who is able to settle his arguments and prove effectiveness of his inventions. It's important to mention that all fields of his work are very important for our department as well as for our enterprise. Vladimir Akchurin is a very delicate, well-wishing person to surrounding people. He shares his knowledge and experience with young specialists of the department.

O.Shilkin, the head of the section of the NPO PM

It's easy to work with Vladimir Akchurin because he is a rather competent specialist who possesses encyclopadic knowledge. Contacting with him a person enriches not only himself not only from the point of scientific information and with the confidence of his ability.

Akchurin works in the section which designes and controles the manufacturing and the whole cycle of processing of the liquid contour and all the units of the system of heat regulation of space apparatus. And according to the opinios of our French colleques from the firm "Alcatel" (France) "...the liquid contour is a genius invention but it's very complicated..." The liquid contour and the unit of the system of the heat regulation is not only his head and his hands but they are also his son. There is no specialist who can carry out this work as excellent as he can.

A person who has remarkable abilities, extensive knowledge and outlook who can solve tasks in different fields of technics these are characteristic features of Vladimir Akchurin. He is a responsive collegue, a friendly, attentive and rather respective person, who feels the other peoples mental suffering as his owns. Akchurin is one of those people who are not only generators of new ideas themselves, but impell involuntaryry others to such occupations as we call "a gymnastic for the mind". Inventiveness is his selfless work, bacically in non working time and on the day-offs. And a title of the "Honoured Inventer of Russian Federation" is awarded honourstly.

V.Kalinina, a farm-hand of a patent departament of the NPO PM

Vladimir Akchurin has been inventing since 1968 and he is continuening to invent up today. The result of positive conclusions of his handed in applications ererage make up 90%. The secrets of his success as it seems to me, in himself. Secondly he is a very pession person. Speaking about his ideas he convences his companion of the trieth of his ideas:"How did we live without this invention earlier?" - this joke has great sense.

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